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Binson Echorec B2 c.1971 Export Refurbished

  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2 Inputs and Outputs
  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2 Mains
  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2
  • Binson Echorec B2 with it's lid on.
  • Binson Echorec B2 Case
5.00 KGS

Binson Echorec B2 Export Refurbished

Used by many iconic guitarists, the Binson Echorec transformed their guitar sounds adding a new level of creativity to the guitar and opening new ways of using the guitar to create sounds not heard before.

The Echorec was famously used by Pink Floyd - Syd Barret, Dave Gilmour and Roger Waters all made use of the machine to create, at the time, amazing sound textures.

The Echorec uses a hard disk (yes!) as a recording medium. In fact, it's a rotating drum with a steel surface that is magnetised by a record head just like a tape head; and four playback heads pick up the recorded signal giving four delay times. The rotary switch selects all possible combinations of play heads giving single and multi-tap delay effects.

The input control sets the signal level to the record amp which, being valve, lets you overdrive the delay signal or play it clean. The swell control is what we now call feedback, repeat or other random bit of jargon. It is possible to adjust a preset inside that enables positive feedback to occur - where the repeats get progressively louder.

The Vol/echo swell control mixes the dry and wet signals so you can get the right blend.

It's all valve and sounds beautifully warm and the drive mechanism introduces a little bit of wow and flutter, but not so much that you'd notice without listening really hard.

The valves are in very good condition and haven't been replaced during refurbishment.

The Rebuild

This unit has been completely rewired here at Hollywood Music - power and signal, the mains socket replaced and the main power supply smoothing capacitors have been replaced. Other passive components were judged to be in good condition. The heads and drum have been cleaned and the pinch roller pressure adjusted to minimise wow and flutter. Bearings have been checked and lubricated where necessary. All switches and pots have been cleaned out too.

The old Geloso audio connectors have been replaced with 1/4" jacks so you can actually use it! The mixer socket is now a TRS jack so it can be used with an echo send on a desk with only the delay signal returning to the mixer.

And it still has it's original case!

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