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Boss Collectors' Club


Buy 1 pedal = Charity donation using music to help underprivileged communities

Buy 2 pedal = Limited edition DS-1 pin badge

Buy 3 pedal = Limited edition (1,000 only) Coloured Vinyl 12"

Buy 4 pedal = Free compact pedal up to 119

Check out the pedals here.

Simply register single compact pedals bought on or after October 1st 2017 and we’ll send you swag direct to your door.

Once you’ve registered, you have 365 days to collect as many pedals as possible with a maximum of 4 pedals. You can register your first pedal to join the ‘pedal perk’ campaign any time up to the 30th September 2018.

Each compact pedal you register must be a different model to earn another reward.

To claim the free pedal you must send a photo of all the 4 pedals that you registered within the eligible period together with serial numbers clearly visible.

The free pedal may be shipped 31 days after your purchase due to fraud prevention.

If the free pedal selection is not currently in stock we will send at the earliest possible time, we will keep you informed.

The Free pedal can only be up to the RSP value of the most expensive pedal you bought up to a maximum of €119. You cannot pay the difference to upgrade to a more expensive pedal. Please see the RSP list above as all claims will be based solely on that list and hierarchy.

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Reasons to play...

Many thanks to Fender for this excellent article. It focuses on the guitar (naturally!) but applies just as well to any musical instrument and other creative arts. Regardless of where stress comes from, it builds up and can negatively affect all aspects of your life.There are a lot of ways people deal with stress. Talking things out [...]

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Learn to Play Day 24th June 2017

Want to have a go at playing guitar or drums?Get a free lesson at GTR Tuition on the guitar or drums on Saturday 24th June.In the morning, Matt Cope will be providing drum lessons. From about 1pm, Neil Ellis is offering guitar lessons. All ages and styles will be catered for so whatever your musical [...]

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Video from Live Sessions at Hollywood

Here's the result of our first live event. We all had a great time and managed to record the sessions through our  Soundcraft MTK multitrack mixer to a nice little Macbook! I hope to publish a few sample tracks once I've done some mixing in Logic Pro (with the artists' permission, of course). Sarah Chappell Sian Magill Ross Connor

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Vox MV50 Innovation!

Analog pre-amp featuring the revolutionary Nutube.Monster sound, minimal size – the MV50 is the ultimate modern amp.Founded in 1957, VOX has designed a number of unique and innovative products, including the iconic AC30. Making its debut in the 60th anniversary year of VOX, the MV50 is a revolutionary amp that is destined to be remembered [...]

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Live at Hollywood June 4th

To celebrate the start of Stony Live week, we are featuring three fantastic musicians at the shop on Sunday 4th June.Come and listen to a range of original music from:Sarah Chappell Sian MagillRoss ConnorCheck out the YouTube channels and websites for more!Next door, Beer Bear will be open too so you can grab a drink and imbibe [...]

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Find out about the Nutube.Take a look at the new Vox MV50 amps using this amazing technology.

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New Orange Bass Guitars

Orange Amps introduces a new bass guitar called the O-Bass at NAMM. Hear what Adrian from Orange has to say about it. 

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Whatever next?!

Following the huge global success of the Min-ETune and G-Force electronic tuning systems, Gibson are to release a range of Baldwin self-tuning pianos with servo-driven tuning pegs for every string. A built-in computer scans the outputs of piezo sensors under each string and controls servo motors to adjust the string tension. "This is the future for the [...]

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Fender and The Edge

Not any old edge, but THE Edge...Fender have developed a signature Stratocaster and Deluxe Amplifier under the direction of the great man which look and sound fantastic. Here's a video describing the development of this iconic gear by an iconic player.

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