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Hollywoodstock Show at the Crown in Stony Stratford


Thanks to all our supporters last night at the Crown in Stony Stratford. Special thanks to the Ukaye Ukes who performed a brilliant set with great skill and humour (we'll have them back again!!) and to a great local band, Second Hand Grenade, who we'll be seeing much more of in the future, playing funk and soul with great energy and talent, excellent arrangements and a tight sound. Last but not least, thanks to Chris Beck, Amanda and Barnaby for enabling the event in aid of Song Unite and performing some great tunes too. AND (haven't finished yet!) huge thanks to Terry Marshall for stepping in with some fantastic sax with all three acts and supporting the event and it's aim of raising funds for music education through Song Unite.

Cheers everyone, we'll be doing this again!

Here are some pretty awful photos! If anyone has better ones (and I know someone has), send some over and I'll put them on the page.

Second Hand Grenade Everybody

Second Hand Grenade                                     Everybody

Ukaye Ukes with Chris, Barnaby and Terry Marshall Kaplan Kaye and Bill Dare - The Ukaye Ukes

Ukaye Ukes with Chris, Barnaby and Terry                        Kaplan and Bill - The Ukaye Ukes

Kaplan Kaye and Terry Marshall  Bill Dare and his amazing Les Paul Uke 

Kaplan and Terry                                              Bill and his amazing Les Paul Uke