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​Learn to Play Day - a great success

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The day got off to a cracking start with music from a string quartet and Brian White, the Mayor of Milton Keynes, talking about the value of learning a musical instrument - particularly for children. "Children learn so many new skills in the process of learning an instrument. Their concentration and persistance improves, they develop motor skills and they learn to appreciate music amongst other things. It's a no-brainer!" he said to a gathered crowd of music teachers and visitors.

The event was busy all day and the teachers delivered over seventy-five lessons. Ages ranged from only five years to, ahem, the more mature... Brian White had a go on the drums and guitar and will be doing his first gig at the Bowl on April 1st 2040. Keep up the practice, Brian! Much younger Mia, aged only six, tried the piano, drums and saxophone! Although she found the sax a bit too big at the moment, she got a few notes out of it and is very keen to get started as soon as she is big enough. Eat your vegetables, Mia! Whole families came down and joined in too. I think we'll see a new Partridge Family playing the MK circuit soon. Looking forward to that!

Lots of people entered the quiz and a few even got the answers right! We'll be announcing the winners soon so watch this space.

Many thanks to KORG for all the free stuff we had to give away. Everyone trying the drums got a bag with a pair of Vic Firth Sticks, a CD and some posters. Guitar players got a free KORG tuner and Dean Markley Strings and Brass, Woodwind, Piano and Strings players got a metronome to help them stay in time!

Thanks to everyone from the Milton Keynes Music Co-operative for their time and the great teaching, Lewis Cowan for the piano lessons and Neil and Hannah from GTR Tuition for guitar and bass lessons.

It really was a great day and we hope many more people will start learning an instrument as a result. Music has always been important to Milton Keynes and we hope this event will encourage even more involvement from music lovers across the city.

York House

the mayor playing guitar

york house - string quartet

the mayor playing drums

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