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New Consumer Contract Regulations

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The new regulations for all retailers came into effect on the 13th June - which was a Friday, for the superstitious among you.

The main change that affects all on-line retailers is that customers are entitled to return any goods by informing the retailer in writing within 14 calendar days of receiving the goods that they wish to cancel.

The general idea is to make on-line shopping an experience that matches that of in-store shopping. Of course, that means that there are also things you wouldn't expect from a shop and that you won't get by buying on-line! Like trying out the swimming trunks in the pool before deciding they don't suit you or putting a set of strings on a guitar and then deciding they aren't the right gauge after all. All quite common sense, really.

We hope that people will feel more confident when buying on-line from a reputable retailer like Hollywood Music and that we can build great relationships with distant customers as we have with our local, loyal following.

To see our complete Customer Contracts policy, as required by the new regs, see the Consumer Contracts page.