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Consumer Contracts

Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013

From 13th June 2014 all on-line and telephone sales are covered by the above regulations.

Purchases made on the Hollywood Music website are covered, from that date, by these regulations.

For information about cancellation, click here.


Under the new regulations you are entitled to the following information before entering into a contract with us by buying items through this website:

  • The main characteristics of the goods
  • See the item description
  • The business identity, address, telephone number and email address
  • Seen on all pages
  • The total price of goods including VAT
  • On all product pages, product lists, search results and at the checkout where you will see the total value of your order including shipping, where this is charged
  • Payment methods
  • Acceptable methods are shown on the home page and at the checkout. These include all major debit and credit cards and Paypal. In the case of card payments, you will be taken to the secure payment site of SagePay where you will be asked for your card details. Your card details are not stored by Hollywood Music or SagePay. SagePay operates the payment card password system and you will be asked for your password, if you have set one, before you can complete the transaction. A fraud screening process is also used to assess risk in relation to the transaction. This protects genuine cardholders and can result in a transaction being declined if it is seen to be high risk. Hollywood Music will always try to make contact with customers in these circumstances to obtain additional identification before accepting or declining a transaction. In the event of a payment being declined, the card will be refunded immediately.
  • Paypal transactions will be taken through the Payal website to which customers will be redirected to complete the transaction.
  • Delivery
  • Goods that are in stock will be dispatched the next working day by appropriate shipping methods. In the case of small items, Royal Mail will be used. For larger items, a next-day courier service will be used. 
  • Goods not in stock will be subject to availability from our suppliers. Usually, this means that you will receive your order within seven working days. In the event that this may take longer, we will contact you to advise delivery times and offer you the option to cancel the order and receive a full refund of the goods' price and the shipping charges.
  • You will receive an email to update you on progress of your order. These include an order confirmation and shipping confirmation. Our courier service will also inform you by text or email of the approximate delivery time if you have supplied this information to us with your order.
  • Complaints
  • All complaints should be addressed to Hollywood Music at the postal address on the website or by email to info@hollywood-music.co.uk. The business owner will handle your complaint personally and will respond within one working day. In the event that the owner is not available, a response will be sent to inform you of the delay by the shop assistant manager.
  • Cancellations
  • Please see the cancellation terms and conditions on this page.
  • Conformity of goods
  • Goods sold on this website are required by law to be of satisfactory quality, as described and fit for purpose. Whilst you are entitled to return any goods that do not meet these requirements, you are also welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements and expectations before making a purchase. Doing so does not mean that you sacrifice your right to return goods should you wish to within the cancellation terms detailed below.
  • After-sales services
  • Hollywood Music are happy to answer questions you may have about goods you have purchased through the website by email or telephone.
  • Manufacturers' warranties apply to all products. If a fault occurs after 21 calendar days, please contact the UK distributor or manufaturer of that product for advice.
  •  Digital content and devices
  •  The compatibility of digital content and equipment with other hardware, sotware and operating systems is displayed on the product pages where relevant and where published by the manufacturer. In case of uncertainty, please contact the manufacturer's support team for clarification.

Note that the Regulations refer to other information which is not relevant to the goods and services offered by Hollywood Music. For example, information specific to mobile phone purchases.

Cancellation and Returns

Hollywood Music will consider a contract to exist upon dispatch of goods by us or, in the case of non-stock items, once the products have been dispatched by our supplier. Up to this time, you may withdraw your offer to purchase and receive a full refund immediately.

After this time, you have the right to cancel your contract within 14 calendar days after the goods come into your physical possession.

To cancel your contract you must inform Hollywood Music of your intention to cancel in writing by mail or email within this time limit. It is your responsibility to prove that you have cancelled in the event of a dispute, so durable proof is highly advisable as a phone call or other verbal communication would not meet this requirement.

If you wish to cancel, your written request should include your name, address and telephone number; the product title(s); and the dates on which the order was placed and the goods received.

In the event that you cancel your contract, you will be refunded all payments including the delivery charge. Your reimbursement will take place within 14 days of our receipt and approval of the returned goods.

It is your responsibility to arrange for the return of the goods. You may wish to ask us to arrange the collection of larger items. In these circumstances we will require you to pay for the return shipment.

There are some exceptions to your right to a full reimbursement:

  • If you specifically requested a non-standard delivery method at a higher cost, we will only refund the standard delivery charge for that item.
  • If you specifically requested any additional paid-for service, we may retain that cost when making the refund.
  • If the value of the goods has been diminished by handling beyond what is necessary to establish their suitability, we may retain a reasonable proportion of the cost. Consider reasonable handling to be that which you would expect to be allowed if buying in the store.
  • If opening or using the goods would present a health risk to another person using the product, we cannot accept its return. If a product is subject to this restriction, that fact will be stated on the product page.

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